Concert "Music of Celestial Spheres" in the Tolstoy Museum | Full video

Concert "Music of Celestial Spheres" in the Tolstoy Museum | February 24, 2018 | Full video recording

Friends, with great joy, I inform you that the full video of my concert, which took place on February 24, 2018 (almost half a year as - yes ?!) finally settled firmly on the NR website, which I personally have been doing for a decade and a half. The site is growing, developing, new pages and interesting content appear on it, the design is smoothly changing (and it's strange - it would be better if you just - up! - a new version, but ...) And now, the videotapes of the concerts begin to settle right in it.

Is it good? - that is not on Youyube or somewhere else, but physically on the same hosting, where is the site? - this is a question for those who are web-specialist among you, I know, are. But for all of you, no matter what relation you have to Internet technologies, it is certainly good that my music is available for you, and it always sounds.

Listen and watch it here:

On this page there is a full video recording of musical components without pauses - one big video that can be simply turned on and watched without interruption, or just listen. But there are also all the tracks separately - you can choose any one, you can look in any order.

A mini-lecture on astronomy is also present there - at the very end, in the part of the page where the concert is presented in parts.

Enjoy watching. Have fun, write comments - here or on the site (which is very welcome - there for this all is).

Thank you for having me!

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