«StarRiver» on Youtube

For those who listen to music from Youtube, I uploaded the album «StarRiver» on Youtube completely. A special movie is not there. But it is clear which track is playing. And it is very convenient to the forward-back if required.

In general, we can say that this idea - to listen to music - the albums entirely - was born long ago. Developers of the project only now are trying to use the idea in the new service Youtube-music. And I still do not understand how to navigate in it, and listen, because there are only a few tracks in my music - despite the fact that the usual Youtube literally teems with listeners who did not wait until I visualized everything and they did it's themselves.

But I also try to keep up. And periodically I add new tracks or even albums entirely.

By the way, I have a question: Can it be embed (such clips) directly to the page of the site dedicated to a current album?

Is this video needed on the page of the album «StarRiver»?

(somewhere from the side as an alternative player ...)

Tell me what your opinion is.

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